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Viita’s Excavating is recognized across Minnesota’s Arrowhead region as the company with the most experience in designing septic systems for properties that present design challenges. Whether a small lot size in Virginia, poor soil conditions around Cook, high water tables in Britt, or the remoteness of Buyck, Viita’s Excavating ensures that their work on properties conform to the relevant and commercial regulations. We stand behind the accuracy of our work. We have and will attend zoning meetings or meet with county inspectors onsite to confirm our findings. When you hire our company we will do our best to work for you.

Site Evaluations
A site evaluation determines if there are suitable soils on the site for a septic drainfield and a replacement area. Soil borings are done on site to determine where the most suitable drainfield sites are on the property. They are then staked out on site and a map is created for the property owner showing the suitable areas.

When we do a site evaluation for your property we often walk the entire site to get a complete understanding of where the best septic areas are. We keep in mind the future development of the property. Where the most likely home sites are, what natural features may want to be kept, where the best access is and what the best type of system may be for the site. Factoring in these considerations will often allow us to minimize the time needed to create future designs.

Septic System Designs
We are one of the few companies in the area that have a full time design and inspection professional on staff. Randy Arnold and Rick Viita have designed over 200 residential and commercial septic systems in the past 10 years.

We look at all available technologies that we feel will be the best fit for your property. We have designed and/or installed mound systems, gravity and pressurized trench systems, aerobic treatment units(ATUs), drip dispersal systems, peat filter systems, and textile filter systems.

Some of the many considerations that go into a septic system design include: What to expect in the design process:
Our design process starts with a meeting or conversation with the owner to determine what their expectations are for the property and to help them envision what they want their property to look like in the future.

Once a site evaluation or inspection is completed the design is prepared and sent to the homeowner. The homeowner submits the design to the county along with applicable permit fees.

The county will approve the design. If a variance is required for the design or building permit, the homeowner may be required to attend a variance meeting. Viita's Excavating Inc. will attend the meetings with the owner to answer questions if the homeowner requests us to.

Septic Inspections
There are various types of septic inspections required by state and local government. Having a thorough inspection done ensures the seller that there will be no future liability issues, and the buyer that the home they are purchasing is a good investment.

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