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What is checked on my system during a compliance inspection?

Setback distances from bodies of water.
Distance from wells on the site and adjoining properties.
Distance from structures.
If the system is sized appropriately for the number of bedrooms.
Whether or not the septic or pump tank is leaking. This always requires the septic tank to be pumped.
Doing a soil boring around the tanks to see if there is any evidence of leaking in the past.
We check the condition or your drain field.

The amount of vertical separation between where the septic system drains and the high water table or confining layer of the soil. This is based the type of soil that is underneath your drainage area and is determined by doing a soil boring.

How do I know if my tank needs to be pumped?
If your tank has not been pumped in the last 5 years it is usually a good idea to have it done, depending on how much water you use. To know for certain, the sludge and scum layers need to be checked. Inside a septic tank there are 3 layers, the scum layer is on top and consists of anything that will float on water like soap bubbles or cooking oil, water is in the middle of the tank and anything heavier than water settles into the sludge layer on the bottom of the tank. A sludge judge is inserted down to the bottom of the tank and there will be a dark area that shows how deep the sludge layer is. If the sludge layer is more than 10 inches, your tank must be pumped.

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