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An undeveloped lot is full of possibilities and also pitfalls. Taking the time to plan your home and boathouse site, driveway location, well location, electrical right of way, septic site and most importantly, drainage and erosion control are all key factors in what your finished lot will look like.

Having an experienced excavation contractor is a great help in planning what your home will look like in the future. Viita's Excavating Inc. has created the contours for many sites that keep the natural look of the environment while providing the access you need to your property.

Call us and schedule a site visit so we can help you shape your vision.

Brush Cutting
Selling an undeveloped lot? Or do you just want to clear up the scrub on your site? Do you have property where you would like trails cut or shooting lanes cleared? From Ash Lake to Bear Island, Meadowlands to Effie Viita’s Excavating can clear the way.

Viita's Excavating Inc. has the tool for you. Mounted on a low impact ASV tracked vehicle, our brushing machine can clear a path 6 ft wide, chip trees up to 4" in diameter, and depending on how dense the brush is, clear an area the size of a football field in about 2 hours.

Road Building
Road building takes experience working with the different soils in this area and knowing what type of fill will hold up to the loads needed. Does your site have swamp, ledge rock, clay, gravel or all four? If your land is anywhere between International Falls and Virginia, Big Falls to Babbitt, chances are you will experience one of these issues.

The other key consideration to road building is the grade and location on your lot. A straight road down the center of your lot limits your septic site options, privacy and aesthetics. Following the contours of the site also can cut down on costs by reducing the fill and cuts needed.

Whether you need to regrade an existing road to change the drainage, or are starting from scratch we have the expertise you need to build a functional road.

Building Prep
Basement Excavation: Basement excavation is like real estate, the number one consideration is location, location, and location. The reason for this is the site drainage. If your basement is in the wrong location it can undermine your building and bring years of headaches when just a little preplanning could have avoided the entire issue.

Often a difference of 10ft. can make the difference in the drainage characteristics of your basement location. Or, if the basement can't be moved, additional protective measures can be taken to ensure that your basement won't leak.

Experience counts in all facets of construction, that's why you should choose Viita's for your next excavation project.

At grade building preparation: When preparing the base for any structure there are 3 things to consider, the subsoil, the fill material, and drainage. These are all questions that need to be answered before the groundwork is done for your new building. At Viita's Excavating Inc., we have the experience with local soil conditions and fill materials to lay the base for your building that will last.

Need Black Dirt? Class 5 for the driveway? Landscape Rock? Sand for the beach or under the new patio stones? We can deliver whatever type of sand or gravel you need to improve your property. Give us a call!

Water and Septic Hookups
Through the years Viita's Excavating Inc. has done many water and sewer hookups for both residential and commercial customers to city services in Cook, Orr and the Bois Forte Tribal system.

In 2007, we completed a 700 feet extension of the City of Cook water and sewer services for the First Baptist Church development. We have the experience you need to get your installation done quickly, professionally and with the right materials so that you can have years of trouble free service.

What is hardscaping?
The simple definition of hardscaping is anything on your property that's not growing.

Because of the large amount of rock we encounter when excavating in this area, our equipment operators have years of experience creating rock retaining walls, steps, and "features" for our customers.

We aren't landscapers or carpenters, but we can create the garden spot, retaining wall, contour the path to the lake, or whatever else you might envision that involves moving dirt and rock.

If you're not on the lake, you can always create your own watering hole for the animals, or a quiet retreat in the yard. Ponds can often be created in just a few days, so give us a call and we will help make your vision a reality.

When you are ready to take down the old cabin to start something new, give us a call. Viita's Excavating Inc. has taken down many structures through the years. Depending on the size of your old cabin it will only take a day or two. When we're done, your lot will be clear to start building your dream home.

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